Research Studies

Summary of EyeDetect Research (PDF – 162 KB) (download)
EyeDetect Audio Multi-Issue Comparison Test (AMCT) – Development and Validation Summary (PDF – 233 KB) (download)
Laboratory and Field Research on the Ocular-motor Deception Test – European Polygraph Journal (PDF – 3.2 MB) (download)
Lyin’ Eyes: Ocular­motor Measures of Reading Reveal Deception – Journal of Experimental Psychology (PDF – 567 KB) (download)
Generalizability of an Ocular-Motor Test for Deception to a Mexican Population – International Journal of Applied Psychology (PDF – 348 KB) (download)
Detecting Deception Using Ocular Metrics During Reading – Credibility Assessment: Scientific Research and Applications (link)
Evoked Pupil Responses Habituate During an Oculomotor Test for Deception – PUBLICATION (link)
Ocular-motor Detection of Deception in Laboratory Settings – Meeting of the American Psychology and Law Society (PDF – 562 KB) (download)
Eye Movements and Pupil Size Reveal Deception – Foundations of Augmented Cognition (link)
Effectiveness of Pupil Diameter in a Probable-Lie Comparison Question Test for Deception – Legal and Criminal Psychology (link)
Ocular-Motor Deception Test – Detecting Concealed Information and Deception (pp. 187-212) (link)
Multimethod Assessment of Deception – Doctoral Dissertation (link)
Effects of Motivation, and Item Difficulty on Oculomotor and Behavioral Measures of Deception – Doctoral Dissertation (PDF – 245 KB) (download)
Ocular-motor Methods for Detecting Deception: Direct Versus Indirect Interrogation – Master’s Thesis (link)
Oculomotor Methods for Detecting Deception: Effects of Practice Feedback and Blocking – Doctoral Dissertation (PDF – 872 KB) (download)
Effects of Direct and Indirect Questions On The Ocular-Motor Deception Test – APA Journal (PDF – 627 KB) (download)

White Papers and Articles

EyeDetect: An Ocular-motor Deception Test (PDF – 747 KB) (download)
Considering Base Rates in Testing Populations (PDF – 93 KB) (download)
Credibility Assessment for Public Safety Background Screening (PDF – 768 KB) (download)
Automated Deception Detection for Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders (PDF – 743 KB) (download)
Psychophysiological and ODT Detection of Deception(PDF – 80 KB) (download)
Successive Hurdles article – American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP) Journal (PDF – 253 KB) (download)
Competitive Comparison (PDF – 67 KB) (download)