EyeDetect has been used to test issues such as theft, fraud, burglaries, arson, sexual assault, domestic violence, allegations of sexual abuse, armed robbery, shoplifting, infidelity/cheating/trust issues and various other matters. You can use any of the thousands or already prepared question templates or make up your own according to your specific requirements and case facts.

The 5 Steps of an EyeDetect Test

The person being tested sits in front of an EyeDetect Station, which is a computer with an eye-tracking camera mounted beneath the monitor. The eye tracker is calibrated to monitor involuntary eye behaviours.

The person answers a series of true/false questions for 15-30 minutes.

The question responses, along with pupil changes and other eye behaviours, are measured and stored on a secure encrypted device.

At the conclusion of the test, the eye measurements and test responses are uploaded to a secure cloud server and analysed by proprietary algorithms.

A report is generated within 5 minutes, and a Credibility Index Score indicates whether the person is credible or deceptive to the questions asked.

Features and Benefits

Highly Accurate

Field studies show that EyeDetect has an accuracy range of 90% depending on the test administered.

Fast Results

Tests take 15 to 30 minutes and reports are ready in less than 5. Reports include a credibility score and details showing participants’ responses to questions.


No sensors are attached to the participant, who answers True/False questions on a computer.


Test administrators are trained in 2 hours and can manage up to 3 EyeDetect stations simultaneously.

Simple to Use

The participant follows onscreen instructions. A practice session helps to get comfortable with the test.


During an average eight-hour workday, one test proctor with three EyeDetect stations can run 40 tests daily to quickly screen many people with great results.

Incorruptible & Unbiased

Participants are tested by computer. The test administrator cannot alter test results. Test data is encrypted and tamper-proof.

Bank-Level Security

EyeDetect uses encryption and physical security that banks use. Data are encrypted and stored using military grade 256-bit AES / CBC mode encryption.

Complete Analytics & Reporting

Those authorized access test results via web browser. Results can be sorted by date, department, test type, credibility score, and more.

Flexible & Portable

One or more systems can be used at a time. The system is portable and can be carried to a regional or remote office for testing.

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