EyeValidate® based in Melbourne Australia is the premium service partner and reseller to Converus® based in Utah, USA. EyeValidate® is headed by Australian polygraph examiner Steve van Aperen who has consulted his services to police departments, government agencies and intelligence agencies throughout Australia for the past 25 years.

Steve is a former police detective of 14 years service having conducted polygraph testing for 81 homicide cases and 2 serial killer investigations. He is a certified polygraph and EyeDetect examiner and trainer. As a former Victorian police officer he trained with the FBI, US Secret Service and LAPD.  EyeValidate® commenced in April, 2020 to provide government agencies and investigators the ability to directly conduct their own lie detector tests, credibility assessment and verification services. Recognising the need for, and the importance of, training and standardisation for accuracy he turned to EyeDetect which measures ocular motor reactivity. Amongst higher accuracy rates, objective and non-biased scoring together with sophisticated data collection he created EyeValidate® and became the Australian premium service partner with Converus®.