Government departments and agencies are now starting to use eye detection technology as a cost effective approach for investigations, credibility assessments, security and background checking together with classified and sensitive recruitment and screening proceedures.

Testing can also cover drug usage, unlawful associations (terrorist organisations, outlaw motorcycle gangs etc.), viewing, producing, distributing or downloading child pornography, commission of previously undetected serious offences and much more. Testing can also be structured for immigration screening, passport/identity fraud, sex offender register compliance and parole screening. Welcome to the future of lie detection.

Government and Counterterrorism: EyeDetect Keeping the Community Safe

Federal governments worldwide are primarily tasked with countering terrorism, maintaining justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing common defence, and promoting the general welfare of the country. 

To accomplish these goals, honour and integrity are key factors. Hiring honest employees and monitoring them are integral to this solution.To ensure things operate optimally, it’s necessary to confirm that those in key positions of trust are credible and have integrity. Ongoing credibility assessments are simple and automated with EyeDetect®. 

Tests are non-intrusive and professional. There are no sensors to attach. Participants are treated with respect and without bias.

Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test

A LEPET can measure truthfulness about past drug use, criminal behaviour, and other behaviours. EyeDetect LEPET’s are modified to meet the specific needs of any public safety group. In fact we can tailor and structure testing formats depending on your requirements. 

If used as a first step in the hiring process, EyeDetect® inexpensively and quickly eliminates candidates with inappropriate behaviours.

Terrorists Infiltrating as Refugees

Terrorists posing as refugees have killed innocent civilians. In fact, the terrorists linked to the November 2015 Paris attack were arrested in a refugee camp in Austria.

The number of terrorists infiltrating refugee camps is extremely small, but causes a challenge for legitimate refugees. 

Fortunately, EyeDetect® is automated and computer-based. It does not discriminate or have biases.

Immigration Screening

There are serious challenges in successfully screening refugees, visa applicants or tourists. There are tens of thousands of applicants and few staff members. Without efficiencies, large groups of people cannot be properly vetted to prevent terrorists entering the country. EyeDetect identifies those with ties to terrorist organisations and those with falsified documentation or applications.

Why take chances when so much is at stake?

Research shows that if you rely on intuition during an interview, your accuracy in detecting a liar is about 54%. That is about as accurate as a coin toss.This 30-minute test can ask: “Have you committed any acts of terrorism?” “Have you worked with or do you support any terrorist organisations?” Participants that fail the test can be rejected or screened further.

Identity verified, almost instantly.

Quickly Expose Fake Passport & Identities with a 90% Accuracy

Discover if people are being deceptive about their identity.

Documents such as driver’s licences, credit cards and passports can be faked and identities stolen. Is the person you are interacting with actually the person he or she claims to be? Using scientifically-proven methodologies and a simple online verification procedure, IdentityDetect® will indicate if a person is being deceptive about their identity.

What is IdentityDetect®?

IdentityDetect® is a quick and simple web-based test or mobile app that can quickly verify a person’s identity. 

For example, in a sensitive security screening for a government role or position, applicants provide their name, address, and other personal details. With that information, customers can be asked a few questions about their identity. Or similarly international travellers using fake passports or identity documents can be identified for further screening or checking.

IdentityDetect measures the applicants’ responses, applies a scoring algorithm, and uses machine learning to determine a credibility score for the person.

Results are available immediately, allowing the process to continue or to be flagged for further review.

How does IdentityDetect® Work?

Studies show that deception, such as presenting a false identity, increases cognitive load. IdentityDetect® measures changes in the motor nervous system that result from increased cognitive load when answering questions deceitfully.

Features and Benefits


IdentityDetect catches 9 out of 10 imposters.


Tests take between 1 and 3 minutes.


IdentityDetect is automated and standardized. It can’t be swayed by perfect documents, a dazzling smile, or an unwelcomed threat.


IdentityDetect is secure. All data are encrypted during transmission.


Tests can be embedded in business systems or mobile apps. Customized tests can be designed to meet specific needs.

Cost Effective

Catch fraudulent behavior to reduce risk and costs. Attractive pricing and high accuracy make IdentityDetect a great investment.


Built in a secure private cloud, IdentityDetect can test and score up to 10 million evaluations per day.


Test scores are ready immediately. Make decisions quickly and take action. See trends in attempted fraud by location. Data can be extracted or combined with other sources for further big data analysis.

No Strings Attached

No specialized hardware needed. No test administrator or training required. Customers take tests anytime on any Internet-enabled device.

Improves Security

IdentityDetect can be used for immigration screening to catch travelers using false identities or, where allowed by law, use it to pre-screen employees.

Analytics & Reporting

The Converus Dashboard shows test results in any supported browser to those authorized. Results shown in PDF, CSV or extracted using an SDK.


With short tests and no specialized equipment, most people feel comfortable—and less like a criminal—than with other deception detection methods.

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