The next-generation lie detector that allows investigators to conduct their own lie detector tests.

The next-generation lie detector that allows investigators to conduct their own lie detector tests.

Welcome to EyeValidate. Are you an investigator or an investigation/security company that wants to provide lie detector services to your clients or to use during your own investigations? Well now you can. Australian company EyeValidate®in partnership with Converus® isproud to announce the next-generation lie detector technology available to Australian investigators. EyeValidate® is the Australian premium service partner and reseller to Converus®which can have you conducting your own lie detector testing in next no time at minimal cost.

EyeDetect® technology is revolutionising the lie detection industry and opening up testing to all investigators that was once the domain of a few privileged Australian polygraph examiners.

Fast, Accurate and Affordable with 90% accuracy in 15 minutes for single issue testing.

EyeDetectis the world’s first non-intrusive lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 15-30 minutes with 90% accuracy by analysing eye and other behaviours is now available to Australian investigators.

The problem.

Until now polygraph (lie detector) testing could only be conducted by a very few certified and privileged polygraph examiners in Australia. Investigators, if wanting to qualify as a polygraph examiner, would be required to travel to the United States or Canada at considerable expense, undergo months of training and then purchase costly equipment to be certified as a polygraph examiner. With quantum advances in the science of lie detection over the past few years this is no longer the case.

The solution.

Nowlie detector testing Is available to all investigators at a fraction of the cost of purchasing expensive polygraph equipment and extensive training. In just one day of online training you will be able to conduct your own in-house testing for thefts, frauds, fidelity issues/cheating partners, drug usage, assaults, arson, sexual offences, bribery, blackmail and much more. EyeValidate is the official Australian premium service partner and reseller to Converus®which means we can have you conducting your own lie detector testing in no time at minimal cost.

A total of 60 measurements per second or a total of 100,000 computations during one examination. Welcome to the future of lie detection.

This latest technology is the greatest scientific advancement in lie detection over the past 100 years and is now directly available to Australian investigators.

When the truth matters this award winning technologyaccurately specific issues or crimes in just 15-30 minutes.Its diagnostic (single issue) testing for criminal or civil cases is a true game changer in the lie detection industry.

This innovative and revolutionarytechnology, used by law enforcement and investigators in more than 40 countries, and rapidly expanding, measures subtle changes in ocular motor (eye) reactivity to detect deception whilst a person answers a short series of true or false questions. Investigators can now either conduct their own testing in their office or at other locations because of the portability of the new Version 4 EyeDetect® Station. Once you purchase your station all software upgrades are free for life.

Best of all this sophisticated, yet easy to use technology, allows investigators to conduct lie detector tests in less than 45 minutes with 90% accuracy (single issue tests) and exceptional support services.

How does this revolutionary technology work?

Scientific research has proven that the brain and eyes respond to deception. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the cognitive load which affects the eyes. Using a sophisticated infrared eye scanner, laptop and proprietary algorithmsEyeDetect®telemetry measures subtle changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, reading behaviour, blink rate, eye fixations and several other parametersat 60 measurements per second or a total of 100,000 computationsduring oneexamination. Welcome to the future of lie detection.

When the test is finished responses to questions and eye measurements are uploaded to a secure web server for immediatescoring within minutes. The scoring process is evaluated by propriety algorithmsthatcan not be manipulated or influenced by human bias or prejudice. Theinvestigator can then view results fromthe secureonline dashboard within minutes after testing. A credibility scorecalculates the probability of truth or deception whilst providingthe examiner with a comprehensive report.

See why EyeDetect is a game changer for investigators.

18 Compelling reasons why you should start conducting your ownLie Detector tests

What is the test process?

Testing can be conducted for:

How do I become an examiner and start conducting lie detector tests? Easy! Just follow these 4 steps below.

Contact us at EyeValidate® to purchase your testing station by ordering here (see what’s included below). Your unique account username and password will be created allowing you access to your dashboard panel to conduct tests. Your testing station will then be shipped to you within 14 days after purchase.

Complete theonline training coursesin which you will be certified to conduct testing (Test proctor, Administrator and Test Question Writer). Upon successful completion of your training you will receive your certification to conduct testing. A certified Australian EyeValidate trainer can also provide additional one to one or group training for multiple examiners if required at an additional fee.

Purchase your test licences herethroughEyeValidate®in the login area above and you’re ready to provide lie detector testing to your clients or during the process of your own investigations.  One licence is required for each test conducted with a minimum purchase of 20 licences.

Time to start testing. When you receive your EyeDetect® station simply set up your testing station, enter your unique dashboard username and password you have been allocated, select the type of test you are conducting either from thousands of available free templates or construct your own, enter the examinee’s details and start testing. Easy.

What’s included when you purchase your EyeDetect® station Version 4:

What’s included when you purchase your EyeDetect® station V4 :

That’s it you’re ready to go. To become a tester contact us here and let us help you get started.