The next-generation lie detector. Start your own lie detector business.

The next-generation lie detector. Start your own lie detector business.

Welcome to EyeValidate. Are you an investigator or someone who wants to start your own profitable Lie Detector business?  Do you want to offer lie detector testing services to the public? EyeDetect is now available throughout Australia to anyone who wants set up their own unique business.

Running your own business can be a great way to achieve financial success and personal satisfaction. It requires hard work, dedication, and focus but the rewards are worth it. You will have the freedom to make decisions, the potential to earn more money than an average job, and you can create something of your own that brings value to others whilst working on fascinating cases.

EyeDetect® is revolutionising the lie detection industry and opening up testing capabilities to anyone, not just a privileged few & well paid polygraph examiners. EyeDetect® is disrupting the polygraph industry by making it possible for anyone to create their own lie detector business.

EyeDetect is the world’s first non-intrusive lie detection technology. It can accurately detect deception in 60 minutes with up to 88% accuracy by analysing eye and other behaviours.

Ground breaking technology

Want to become a certified lie detector examiner and start your own business? Now you can set up your own lie detection business at a fraction of the cost of purchasing expensive polygraph equipment and training. In just one day of FREE online training you will be able to offer profitable lie detector tests to the public for thefts, frauds, drug usage, assaults, arson, sexual offences, false allegations, fidelity issues/cheating partners and much more. Our examiners can make great returns for each test conducted. Australian Polygraph Services is the official Australian premium service partner and reseller to Converus® which means we can help you start your own lie detection agency in next to no time. Simply purchase your discounted EyeDetect station and you’re ready to go. This is not a franchise so you can grow your business without the expensive purchase costs, franchise fees and commissions. It’s your business so you can grow it accordingly without the restrictions faced by franchise owners. You can purchase your testing station at cost for USD $4,000 and pay a nominal fee per licence per test and that’s it. The rest is profit.  We had one examiner pay for their testing station after just 5 tests!

EyeDetect technology is the greatest scientific advancement in lie detection over the past 100 years and is now available to anyone who wants to start a profitable lie detection agency.

EyeDetect is a true game changer and total disrupter to the lie detection industry in Australia.

EyeDetect testing, currently used by law enforcement and investigators in more than 40 countries, and rapidly expanding, measures subtle changes in ocular motor (eye) reactivity to detect deception whilst a person answers a short series of true or false questions. Due to the portability of the new Version 4 EyeDetect Station you can either conduct testing in your office or at other locations. Once you purchase your station all online training and software upgrades are free for life.

Get up and running after one day of free on-line training and you’re ready to start.

How does EyeDetect work?

Scientific research has proven that the brain and eyes respond to deception. The greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the cognitive load which affects the eyes. Using an infrared eye scanner, camera, laptop and proprietary algorithms EyeDetect® telemetry measures subtle changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, reading behaviour, blink rate, eye fixations and several other parameters. At 60 measurements per second the scanner is capable of capturing a staggering 350,000 eye movement metrics during a 25 minute test. Welcome to the future of lie detection.

Best of all you don’t even need to analyse the results it’s all done for you. When the test is finished responses to questions and eye measurements are uploaded for immediate and unbiased scoring within minutes. The scoring process is evaluated by propriety algorithms that can’t be manipulated or influenced by human bias or prejudice. The tester can then view results from the secure online dashboard within minutes after testing. A credibility score calculates the probability of truth or deception whilst providing the examiner with a comprehensive report with all the results. That’s right you don’t have to analyse the results or even type a report, its all done for you to forward to your client.

See why EyeDetect is a game changer.

Why you should start conducting your own lie detector tests:

What is the test process?

Testing can be conducted for:

How do I start?

Contact us at EyeValidate to purchase your testing station by ordering here (see what’s included below). Your unique account user name and password will be created allowing you access to your dashboard panel to conduct tests. Your testing station will then be shipped to you within 14 days after purchase.

Complete the free online training course in which you will be certified to conduct testing (Test proctor, Administrator and Test Question Writer). Upon completion of your training you will receive your certificate to conduct testing. The amazing Paige will supply you with all the support and guidance you need.

Purchase your test licences in the Members area above and you’re ready to provide lie detector testing to your clients or during the process of your own investigations.  One licence is required for each test conducted with a minimum purchase of 30 licences or you can purchase more as required.

Time to start testing. 

What’s included when you purchase your EyeDetect® station Version 4:

What’s included when you purchase your EyeDetect® station V4 :

To get started contact us here and let us help you on your way.